Our Plan for Care

Our plan for care provides free universal preschool child care for Ontario families and creates additional child care spaces. Through OHIP+, we are expanding free prescription drug coverage for children and youth under 25 to cover everyone over 65.

Our plan shortens wait times for health care, improves access to mental health care and reduces drug and dental costs for people without benefit plans. We are providing more care for seniors, more support to low-income people, investing in women’s health and protecting women’s reproductive rights. We are helping families by improving autism and developmental services, so everyone has the support they need to live happy and healthy lives.

Doug Ford’s Conservatives would cut 40,000 jobs, including thousands of nurses and teachers. He would restrict a woman’s right to make decisions about her pregnancy. Experts agree that the NDP’s child care plan isn’t feasible and is far inferior to the Liberal plan. And the NDP pharmacare plan covers only 125 medications, while our plan covers more than 4,400.

There’s a lot at stake for Ontario families in this election. The choice is clear: care over cuts.

Here are the details of our Plan for Care.