Free Prescription Drugs for Children, Youth and Seniors

Over 4,400 prescription drugs for people under 25 are free and coverage expands to include those 65 and over

Prescription medication is an essential part of health care.

In 2014, you elected us to build Ontario up. That’s why the Ontario Liberal Government introduced OHIP+, the biggest expansion of medicare in a generation. OHIP+ made prescription drugs free to everyone aged 24 and younger as of January 1, 2018. OHIP+ is the first program of its kind in Canada and Ontario Liberals will work with like-minded governments across the country to build a comprehensive national pharmacare plan. We won’t stop moving forward until the medications you and your family need are free for everyone in Ontario.

Under OHIP+ for children and youth:

  • More than 4,400 prescription drugs for four million OHIP-insured children and youth are free, including asthma inhalers, drugs to treat depression, anxiety, epilepsy and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, antibiotics, insulin, diabetes test strips, birth control and many others
  • More than four million free prescriptions for more than 1.3 million children and youth have been filled

But we need to do more, especially for seniors, who are Ontario’s fastest-growing age group and have the highest incidence of multiple prescriptions.

That’s why the next phase of OHIP+ is free prescription drugs for people over 65, ensuring millions of Ontarians can stay healthy and independent and can afford the care they need. OHIP+ for seniors will:

  • Make more than 4,400 prescription drugs available free of charge to everyone 65 and over who is OHIP insured, starting on August 1, 2019
  • Remove the deductible or co-payment for seniors’ prescriptions, saving people over 65 an average of $240 every year
  • Make life more affordable for more than 2.6 million seniors and their families
  • Cover all medications on the Ontario Drug Benefit program, including drugs for cholesterol, hypertension, thyroid conditions, diabetes and asthma

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