Affordability for Drivers

Reforms to reduce auto insurance rates, help accident victims and protect Ontario drivers from price fixing on transportation fuels

Affordable auto insurance and gasoline are priorities for Ontario’s drivers.

In 2014, you elected us to build Ontario up. Since then, the Ontario Liberal government has introduced reforms that have reduced auto insurance rates and helped accident victims. We have introduced discounts for drivers who use winter tires, stopped premium increases for minor at-fault accidents and lowered the maximum interest rate charged on monthly premiums.

We have made post-accident towing and storage costs more transparent and helped accident victims get faster access to benefits.

Since 2013, rates have come down approximately 2.7 per cent across the province. When inflation is taken into account, this number is over 10 per cent.

But we are hearing from people that we need to do more. Auto insurance rates are still too high for many people, including those facing geographic discrimination when it comes to their rates.

That’s why the Ontario Liberals will continue to build on the comprehensive Fair Auto Insurance Plan to further reduce rates and help accident victims. We know that the only way to bring rates down in the long term is to attack the key problems that exist in the current system. Our plan will:

  • Crack down on auto insurance fraud through the creation of a Serious Fraud Office
  • Eliminate geographic discrimination in auto insurance
  • Create standard treatment plans for common injuries sustained in auto accidents so people get healthier faster
  • Protect consumers by ensuring that lawyers’ contingency fees are reasonable and transparent
  • Establish highly credible independent examination centres to assess serious injuries in a neutral manner
  • Invest in care to support people with catastrophic injuries from auto accidents
  • Mandate that insurers offer a discount to drivers who install anti-distracted driving apps on their phones
  • Removes bureaucratic hurdles so that consumers can choose to purchase innovative products, such as usage-based insurance

We also know that gasoline and diesel are vital for transporting Ontario families and goods where they need to go, particularly in Northern and rural Ontario. While the price at the pump is set beyond our borders, Ontario Liberals are committed to ensuring that Ontarians in every part of the province are treated fairly. Our plan will:

  • Create an independent gasoline price watchdog to protect consumers and ensure there is fairness in gasoline and diesel prices at the pumps anywhere in the province

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