We are improving the quality and delivery of justice and creating a safer Ontario for women

Every person in Ontario deserves to live and work in a safe and secure community, free from the threat of violence and sexual harassment.

In 2014, you elected us to build Ontario up. That’s why the Ontario Liberal government is building a modern justice system that addresses the root causes of violence, holds people accountable and creates healthier and safer communities. We have also been a leader in taking action on violence against women and girls. Our programs have challenged attitudes and behaviours that lead to violence, enhanced services and supports for survivors and improved how the justice system responds to gender-based violence.

But we are hearing from people that we need to do more.  That’s why the Ontario Liberals are investing in the transformation and modernization of the criminal justice system to improve outcomes and will continue to build on our ground-breaking measures to combat violence and sexual harassment. Our plan is:

  • Keeping Ontario’s communities safe with a modern policing framework that is community focused, fair, accountable and responsible to community priorities
  • Proposing a province-wide strategy to reduce gun violence
  • Making the Ontario criminal justice system faster and fairer, through such means as establishing Community Justice Centres to improve the delivery and quality of justice and program supports for marginalized and Indigenous offenders, through targeted and culturally appropriate services that will better address the complex factors that contribute to chronic offending
  • Removing unnecessary complexities in the family court process and getting better results for families by providing timely, case-specific advice through a triage-type assessment process and by engaging the judiciary in a review of the rules of family law to make them more streamlined and easier to understand
  • Improving the representation on our juries by using a broader OHIP source list, through further consultation with Indigenous communities and a review of the compensation jurors receive
  • Improving the justice system’s response to and community supports for survivors of sexual violence and those experiencing domestic violence, as part of the implementation of It’s Never Okay: Ontario’s Gender-Based Violence Strategy
  • Working to prevent human trafficking and supporting survivors
  • Working with Indigenous communities to end violence against Indigenous women
  • Transforming our correctional system through historic investments in diversion, modern capital improvements and hundreds of additional staff to enhance safety, improve mental health supports, facilitate reintegration and expand rehabilitative programming

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