Support for People with Disabilities

More and improved financial and residential support for people with developmental disabilities and more support for young people with autism spectrum disorder and special education needs

Everyone deserves to live with dignity and to achieve their full potential.

Adults with developmental disabilities deserve support to live as independently as possible and be welcomed in our communities.

In 2014, you elected us to build Ontario up. Since then, the Ontario Liberal government has improved support for adults with developmental disabilities through expanded direct funding and innovative employment and housing programs.

Young people with autism spectrum disorder need services and supports as soon as possible. The Ontario Liberal government has created the Ontario Autism Program, which puts families at the heart of all decision-making and provides individualized support to help their kids thrive.

Kids with special education requirements need support to reach their full potential. The Ontario Liberal government has added over 30,000 additional teachers and staff since 2003 to support student success, including 900 more Education Assistants to support students with special needs since 2013.

Ontario Liberals are committed to a fully accessible Ontario by 2025. As the party that introduced and championed the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act (AODA), our record on building a better province for all people with disabilities is clear. The five accessibility standards we developed have received international recognition and have led to more inclusive communities for everyone.

But we are hearing from people that we need to do more. Those with special needs and their families need access to services and supports when and where they need them.

That’s why the Ontario Liberals will provide more financial and residential support to people with a developmental disability and more services and support for young people with autism spectrum disorder and special education needs. We will further enhance accessibility for Ontarians with disabilities. Our plan will:

  • Help youth transition into adult services and better support people with developmental disabilities by expanding the Passport Program to provide every eligible individual with at least $5,000 in direct funding per year
  • Create a 24/7 hotline to ensure that families have quick and easy access to urgent services to prevent crises
  • Support new and innovative community-based housing and housing options and create new residential spots for people and families
  • Create new respite opportunities for caregivers
  • Provide developmental services agencies with a base increase of over $200 million to help stabilize and grow the services they provide in our communities
  • Continue to improve the new Ontario Autism Program by creating more services, regulating the therapy sector and working to improve access to autism services in schools
  • Add 2,000 new teachers and education workers in Ontario schools to eliminate wait lists for special education assessments and support kids with special education needs
  • Ensure all high schools have access to mental health workers to provide access to mental health supports
  • Complete the ongoing AODA legislative review, continue to develop the two accessibility standards — health and education — and work with stakeholders to ensure they have a positive impact
  • Conduct a substantive review of the Built Environment standard, including public consultation to identify gaps that need to be filled to reach the 2025 goal
  • Strengthen enforcement of the AODA in partnership with obligated organizations

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