Supporting Women and their Health

Ground-breaking programs protect women from sexual violence and harassment, support women’s unique health needs and protect their reproductive rights

Supporting women’s health strengthens Ontario communities.

In 2014, you elected us to build Ontario up. Since then, the Ontario Liberal government has introduced ground-breaking programs to improve access-to-care issues that are unique to women’s health.

We have invested in programs to support moms and families, including the first publicly funded in-vitro fertilization program in Ontario, which has supported 27,000 families. We have also expanded access to midwifery services across the province, launched Canada’s first fetal treatment centre right here in Ontario and provided free prescription drugs to women under 25 — including birth control. We have invested in services that support those affected by pregnancy and infant loss, including $1 million for Perinatal Hospital Care Ontario and we have improved job-protected leave for those dealing with late pregnancy loss.

We made the abortion pill available at no charge and passed legislation to make sure Ontario women can access abortion services without fear of intimidation, harassment or interference.

We introduced a modernized health and physical education curriculum that will make sure children are taught about healthy relationships and the concept of consent.

But we need do more. Women have unique health needs and we will create a strategy to ensure they get services they need to feel safe and be healthy. Women and girls continue to face sexual violence and harassment and they have unique health needs. Women’s reproductive rights are at risk from those who don’t believe women have the right to make decisions about their own health care.

Ontario Liberals are committed to the security, equality and empowerment of Ontario women and we will continue to enhance programs and services to protect women from violence and harassment, protect reproductive health and choice and support families. Our plan will:

  • Protect and maintain the publicly funded abortion services and reproductive health programs currently available in Ontario
  • Prioritize quality care standards for women’s health, including early pregnancy loss
  • Prioritize women’s health as part of our access-to-specialists’ strategy
  • Develop a post-partum care strategy
  • Provide a welcome package for every new baby that outlines support available to families and a starter pack of necessities
  • Continue to provide free prescription drug coverage to girls and women under 25 and expand the coverage to women over 65
  • Provide more home and community care to families caring for aging relatives or loved ones with a chronic disease
  • Implement It’s Never Okay: Ontario’s Gender-Based Violence Strategy, which includes investments in trauma-informed supports, inclusive, culturally appropriate services within shelters and culturally accessible counselling

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