Our Plan for Opportunity

Our plan to create jobs and opportunity helps elementary and high school students achieve their full potential and boosts apprenticeship and training. It provides free college and university tuition to more students and makes student assistance more generous for middle-class families.

We have passed legislation to increase the minimum wage to $15 and create fairer workplaces. We are advancing the economic success of women and newcomers, standing up for Ontario’s trade interests and continuing our record-breaking investments in infrastructure. We are expanding access to pensions and other high-quality retirement plans.

Doug Ford’s Conservatives will roll back our legislation to increase the minimum wage to $15. He’ll cut taxes for big business and gut public education, including firing thousands of teachers. And the NDP will increase the Business Education Property Tax by 28 per cent, taking $1 billion away from Ontario businesses.

There’s a lot at stake for Ontario students, workers and businesses in this election.

The choice is clear: care over cuts.

Here are the details of our Plan for Opportunity.