Our Plan for Making Life More Affordable

Our plan to make life more affordable includes free prescription drugs for children, youth and seniors, free universal preschool child care and free college and university tuition for more students. It provides more home care for seniors and more affordable prescription drugs and dental care for people without benefits.

Our plan protects tenants from exorbitant rent hikes and unfair landlord practices, invests in affordable housing and helps reduce transit, auto insurance and hydro costs.

Doug Ford’s Conservatives want the market to dictate rent prices, leaving millions of Ontarians vulnerable to sudden and dramatic rent hikes. They will scrap the rebate programs that are helping thousands of Ontario families and businesses reduce their energy costs.

The NDP pharmacare plan covers only 125 medications, while our plan covers more than 4,400.

There’s a lot at stake for Ontario families in this election. The choice is clear: care over cuts.

Here are the details of our Plan to Make Life More Affordable.